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An organization devoted to the acquisition, development and administration of public recreational boating facilities nationwide. SOBA provides a forum for the exchange of views,ideas, concepts and experiences related to all aspects of recreational boating facilities.

SOBA was formed in 1986 primarily by a small group of state boating officials who wanted to promote the acquisition, development, and administration of recreational boating facilities nationwide. Membership has now expanded to all 50 states and five territories and includes not only state boating officials, but also consultants, engineering firms, manufacturers, suppliers, publishers and other businesspersons interested in boating access.

As a voice supporting the need for recreational boating facilities nationwide, SOBA strives to provide a medium for the exchange of views and experiences that will foster private, interstate, and federal-state cooperation and coordination in boating facility design, construction, and financing. Drawing from its membership's nationwide experiences SOBA also provides a problem solving forum for the exchange of information and ideas relating to all aspects of recreational boating facilities.

SOBA invites all boating facility administrators, engineering firms, and others interested in recreational boating facilities to join and participate in organization activities. A conference is held annually that features both presentations highlighting facility programs and design innovations, and site visits to recreational boating facilities to familiarize participants with design and construction techniques in the conference area. Keynote speakers keep participants current with activities at the federal level that affect recreational boating facilities including permitting, design, construction, operation, or maintenance of such facilities. Proceedings of the annual conference are also published and furnished to each participant.

Our Mission To encourage, promote and support federal and state programs that provide safe, high-quality and environmentally sound public recreational boat access to the waterways of the United States and its territories.

For an overview of SOBA, please read the following editorial.

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