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DEADLINE TO REGISTER: Midnight, August 27, 2021.

How do I access the virtual event?

  • First you must be registered to attend. If you have registered and have not received an access email - click here.

  • After you register you will receive an email within 24 hours letting you know you now have access to the virtual event and instructions for signing in so you can start engaging with other attendees, speakers and sponsors.

  • Ensure you are using a supported web browser. Safari, Firefox, Edge and Chrome are supported. Internet Explorer is not supported.

  • Log in with the email address you registered with and create a password.

  • Quick links - Event code for all is "SOBA21"
    Web Browser: Click here
    App in Itunes: Click here
    App in GooglePlay: Click here
Is there anything to do before the conference dates?

  • Yes! As soon as you register and have received your email acknowledgment that you have been given access to the virtual event you can begin participating and engaging. The virtual event features a social activity stream, interactive schedule, list of attendees, speakers and sponsors! Feel free to like, post, share and identify what session you want to attend.
What is the difference between the Web version and the App?

  • Most of the features and content are exactly the same. Because you are logged into a profile, your conversations, social posts, etc. will carry over seamlessly between the two platforms.

  • In the mobile app - you can bookmark sessions you want to attend, set reminders so you don't forget to attend, take notes, and see additional content on the activity feed.

  • You can attend sessions in real time on both the web version and the mobile app.
How can I interact with the session live?

  • Each session has its own chat feature. Session Chats are like Activity Streams, only they’re unique to every session on your schedule. Within each Chat attendees can similarly post photos and messages, and engage with likes and comments. 

  • Some sessions will have the speaker monitoring the chat in real-time so feel free to ask questions! If the speaker is not in the chat live, they can review the chat traffic later and get back to you with answers to your questions.

Thank you to our sponsors
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